Lesson 7 "Master Certificate in Communications Management" Exam

Click on the button below when you are ready to start. There will be 10 questions on this exam based on Lesson 7 and the passing grade is 70%. You can take the Exam as many times as you would like and there is no time limit. After passing you will enter your certification information:

Online Management Courses Certification
Master Certificate in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business ManagementMaster Certificate in Business ManagementMaster Certificate in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business Management
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Master Certificate in Communications Management
The "Master Certificate in Communications Management" will be in your name and sent to you in soft copy PDF format by e-mail within 24 hours for $19.99 USD (optional hard copy $39.99 USD, or $49.99 USD for both PDF and hard copy. Free shipping in the USA, International rates vary).

The Watermark will be removed and the Certificate will have your unique Cert ID along with the Website QR code for cell phone scanning. It will be more in-focus and will include your name and updated date.
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