1. Mirra Lefort said:
This is a great opportunity to gain credible skills online in the midst of work and home life demands. This process is flexible, informative and rewarding. I was awarded a certificate following my first module which motivated me to continue with the rest of the program. I would highly recommend this opportunity for professional development.

2. Mollie DiBartolo, CJM, CPM said:
Good Morning, I wanted to take this time to let you know how much your services are appreciated. First and foremost you kept your standard of responding to issues within 24 hours. Secondly your program is right on target with the skills to be mastered in becoming an effective leader/manager. Third and most importantly is the ease of receiving your certificate and course description. Over all I give your business a 10 on the scale of 1-10 and 10 being the best for content, price point and overall customer satisfaction. Respectfully submitted, Mollie DiBartolo, CJM, CPM

3. Robert Gacha, Founder of EDPCD.ORG said:
"Having serving and managing different companies & organizations for more than 30 years, I repeatedly asked myself whether I needed anything else in terms of knowledge. Until I found this I didn't realize that my thought was wrong. Thus while studying I realized that whatever your intellectual level or your professional experience, there is a certain time in life you need to retrain yourself! Therefore, this great & unique designation you have prepared for the planet has reached me and gave me a broad sense of what the industry is, and that's exactly what I needed!!! More surprisingly, you offer this treasure to the public free of charge!!! May the LORD increase your Wisdom!"

4. Saula Rasaki said:
"Studying with Master Class has been a very thoughtful and rewarding experience. At first I thought I would just go for Business Management module, but after I did it, I was quite fascinated with the Financial Module as well. It has helped to improve my confidence at work and at group meetings. I would like to say thank you to Master Class for the publication of the excellent book that the modules were based upon. Regards, Saula"

5. Esther Newcastle said:
I thoroughly enjoyed doing this course. It is was informative and challenging with a lot of detail. The course is very well structured with details and scenarios that makes understanding the subject a lot easier. The quiz at the end of each topic is brilliant as the questions asked summarizes the key points of the topic and makes remembering it easier.

6. Mark Gardner said:
I ran across your web page. Oh my gosh thank you for this!! So much gainful Knowledge explained in easy comprehensive text! I'm blown away by reading. I want more! Thanks so much for this site. I'm definitely sharing with people I know who may have an interest.

7. Dr. Theosious Fuqua said:
I use these courses and certificates for my professional development, and have enjoyed how they help in letting you know how much you understand and gain new knowledge in each subject.

8. Clients Relations; Obio Cottage Hospital said:
Many thanks for the free management and leadership training course by your establishment.

9. J. T. Coleman said:
Great course! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was practical and very well written and constructed –chocked full of useful information. In fact, after the first three lessons online, I requested and received the book as a Christmas gift from my wife. I wanted to have all of the material under one cover and easily accessible. After my recent retirement from education, I read the entire book and took the exam. Anyone who wants to be a manager or just enjoys reading about management would benefit from the course and book.

10. Federico Alimontani said:
I had the opportunity to deepen and systematize many of the skills acquired in my working experience as a project manager. I particularly appreciated the section on leadership and team building, as fundamental abilities to become a great leader and manager. I hope that the course will be useful for all those who want to pursue a brilliant career.

11. Autumn Miller said:
I can't THANK YOU enough for the opportunity you have given me in my career, Not only will I continue to grow but this program blew my expectations out of the water and I've learned "above and beyond" because of it!

12. Seidu Iddrisu said:
I thank the management and staff masterclass-management for the wonderful course I like very much and look forward my certificate to be given to my employer and many more of those course in advanced studies.

The master class management course is very helpful and comprehensive. It comprises all essential aspects for a successful managerial career. Highly advisable.

14. Dr. Usha Murugavel said:
Its very extensive, valuable, knowledgeable and Thought provoking Very useful add on certification for my career and development Since I possess doctorate in Management with specialization in Human Resources, I would like to associate myself with courses like this and this would enrich my knowledge and enable my success as a corporate trainer.

15. Ronald T. Japay said:
Thank you so much for the free management education. The optional certification that can also help those seeking advancement and can give job-seekers a competitive edge!

16. Jose Luis Borico said:
I had the opportunity to deepen and systematize many of the skills acquired in my working experience as a project manager. I particularly appreciated the section on leadership and team building, as fundamental abilities to become a great leader and manager. I hope that the course will be useful for all those who want to pursue a brilliant career.

17. Sempala Sabastian said:
Gratitude to whoever design this free management course and thank very much

18. GOWIN AMAKA said:
This course is very good and fascinating. Thanks

19. Timothy Tausz said:
Really great course, it has taught me a lot.

20. Nancy Calkins said:
I found the Master Class for supervisors/leaders to be a good refresher course and gave me some good reminders to think about and put into practice. I think this course would be very good for first-time managers.

21. Glenn Click said:
Thanks for the curriculum in which I read, I found it very useful and it keeps the management mind frame sharp

22. Evangelos Z said:
Useful, practical, easy going process. I will take the next certificate soon!

23. Phil S said:
I love the fact the learning portal is free! Great information and easy to understand! Certificate was great as well!

24. Branden Moodley said:
Great Material very pertinent to the market and workplace today I suggest this course to any person who would like to Master His/Her business.

25. Lakeisha B said:
I highly would recommend this online course, it challenged me to learn more that I could apply to being a business owner/entrepreneur. I like the way all the information was broken down so you can get a better understanding to each section. I also like the fact that it is free and you just pay for the certificate which is not bad at all not even in price. I am seeking to do another course soon.

26. Winnie Kirunda said:
I appreciate having been able to complete this course. The course was so educative and inspiring that I wish all the skills taught would be practiced by all credible managers and organizations worldwide.

27. Jim A said:
Master Class Management offered me a good general foundation in Business management .I am grateful for offerings that they provide.

28. Heinrich Vosloo said:
Great to know that there are organizations out their that do care, I want to commend your company for offering such a wonderful and easy to follow course, to people in a 3rd world county, that would normally not be able to afford such a course. You have given those less privilege the opportunity to advance beyond poverty.

29. Marlon L. Turner said:
Dear Master Class Management, I started this course mid last year and just completed the courses. I can't thank you enough for the opportunity you have given me in my Career; it comprises all essential aspects for a successful managerial career. I have highly recommended this online course to manager of the Government.

30. J MADORELL said:
Wonderful 10 lesson management course, which offers essential and complete information. Certificates are also great!

31. Udai Anand said:
Just want to say this was a very helpful course. I learned a lot of new values and am excited to use the skills I learned. I look forward to taking new courses.

32. Nikki B said:
This course had some very valuable information that I can readily apply to my current profession. Even though I am not yet in a managerial position, I can utilize the majority of the skills in my Leadership role and be more prepared for the future. Thank you for offering such a wonderful learning service.

33. Teresa Browne said:
really enjoyed the course and been able to it at my own pace. highly recommend it.

34. Pepper Montgomery said:

35. Abrahams Mande Bweupe said:
The Course is quite informative and industry practical.

36. Jackie D said:
"Thank you for offering this course for free, there is so much helpful information! Totally loved and appreciated it!"

37. Felipe - Brazil said:
I'm from Brazil .. This course is brilliant!

38. Kelly Sorenson said:
Great refresher course.

39. Adam Theriault said:
This course provides a lot of good information to get you started in a management position.

40. Marlene B Jones said:
Excellent course. I appreciate the details and examples that were included.

41. New to management said:
This is a good book for beginners who wants to learn how to manage.

42. Tim Bob said:
The course was excellent i learned a lot about people skills and the business on the back end. This program does prepare you for any industry if you are truly ready to move to the next level in business

43. AJ M said:
The course has good information one can utilize in a business environment. My motto is to learn it, understand it, implement it. I am happy to finish it. You can do it too.

44. S.Ahmed, BSc. said:
Thank you. Accessible. Excellent.

45. Sonja Keith said:
There is a lot of valuable info and I especially like the summary video at the end.

46. Vincent Odoi Annan said:
This is credibly amazing, I'm really enjoying everything. Kudos to the management, you've done well for me.

47. Leslie Burns said:
This is a very good course, I would recommend it to anyone interested or setting their sights on becoming a manager or starting their own business.

48. Andy Parisi said:
Enjoyed the management class . Great info.

49. Ogonna Roberts AGWU said:
i was satisfied with the conduct of the course.

50. Jackie Kos said:
Most of the content of the course was information we all have on our radar. The interesting part is that we forget how important and relevant the basics guidelines and rules are. It is not only our job to follow these guidelines but our responsibility to make sure the associates around us, including other managers are also promoting high standards in regards to leadership skills needed to inspire our teams and each other.

51. Thomas Borton said:
very good class. i had a great time doing the class and learned a lot.. thank you.

52. Sam T said:
Definitely a plus point having gained this certificate!

53. Newton Shill said:
"It’s really helpful with lots of valuable information with even those small points, especially if anyone wanted to start a business. Thanks for such a great effort."

54. Alain Safa said:
I really appreciate the language and the spirit , and how the course was flowing in a way that made me more and more interested and engaged in the studies. I would warmly recommend it!

55. Nigel Myers said:
Great modules covering everything you need for management…

56. Graeme Swanepoel said:
Great Course, I've learned a lot. I'll recommend this for all upcoming learners.

57. James Pritts said:
This was a great class. Very beneficial for those who seek to be managers and leaders.

58. Alesia Smith said:
Very informative! Things you don't think about but should and gives you a different perspective on how you should handle things.

59. Pat Cassinelli said:
Very helpful--good tips for many issues that come up in our day to day life as a Manager.

60. Watuwa Nathan M said:
It is such a great, great site in the world of business and leadership... Thanks

61. Richard Szczepaniak said:
Great information and enlightening.

62. Thomas P said:
Very good understanding lessons and an applied science course, to learn in a short time. The customer service is friendly and correct.

63. Joel Ashby said:
This is a great course to learn new concepts for the beginning manager and brush up on old skills for the experienced manager.

64. Yevonne Thomas said:
It's a very rewarding course, very good for business, and I have gain more knowledge and understanding as a project manager. Very great site Thank you!

65. Mrs. TGB said:
I learned everything I wanted to know about becoming a great supervisor or manager in the future. Thanks

66. Ruth Retno Dewi said:
Thank you Master Class Management for this interesting online course! It's really useful for broadening my knowledge about management skills and sharpening my leadership.

67. Claudia Nwankwo said:
I totally loved the courses. very flexible and comprehensive. Everything I learnt have helped me build confidence and improve on my job. it was worth the time, I just could not stop learning.

68. Colin R said:
The lesson made some great points and gave great advise for me to practice and utilize at work.

69. Evan Cuperus said:
The exams followed the tutorial perfectly.

70. Dina Damron said:
The course was very informative and I learned a lot.

71. Rhonda Williams-Caines said:
I found this course to be very informative. I am sharing this website with many of my friends and colleagues.

72. William B. said:
The information provided in the Leadership/Management course was very useful. Due to the 10 chapters, this course was able to provide a lot of information that is very critical to becoming a great leader/manager. Thank you.

73. Ms. D said:
My memory needed some refreshment and Master Class Management did just that! I truly appreciate this company for the extra training/certification that they provided me. I will refer others and come back again!

74. Dr. Abraham O said:
Leadership and Management is a critical issue in today's competing world. However, your initiative for this bonus program will better re-position many of us to meet the demand as a cutting hedge advantage. Thanks for the offer, looking forward for such opportunity in the future.

75. Marek Stepien said:
Very interesting course which contains much useful knowledge.

76. Djamel said:
This is the best available free lesson i have seen so far. I really loved the course. Thank you so much.

77. Lionel Alcindor said:
The course is very informative and relevant to me present needs

78. Gary Cross said:
thoroughly enjoyed the course, will do a couple more.

79. Dave Thomas said:
This course was well thought out and set up. With many great points that will be very helpful in the future.

80. Abigail Hein said:
This is very helpful. Couldn't be more happier. Every single lesson in this website help me so much.

81. DJ and MJ said:
This course is fantastic. It is everything I learned in the University system and more. It is a sound business management education and I would put it up against most of the universities.

82. Jason Tellez said:
I am confident in this site becoming more than what it is now! Thank you for the opportunity to see what I am capable of accomplishing.

83. Jess H said:
The curriculum is perfectly crafted for those seeking to improve their knowledge in leadership and management.

84. Nora Soto said:
It was a wonderful experience doing this course online. It really will open the doors for my next job.

85. Ezzat Mansour said:
thank you , this course is very interesting and very useful

86. Germaine W said:
Thank you. This course met my employers needs and was inexpensive, comprehensive and most of all, done.

87. Katie hopkins said:
Great class! I recommend anyone who is interested in management to take this course. Simple but very knowledgeable lessons!

88. Maria Golabka said:
Thank you for the opportunity to be able to learn without going out of my home.

89. Emily L said:
Very informative and interesting.

90. Kim McKee said:
I found that it was a very helpful course to take. It was very informative.

91. Dominic George said:
Yay! Thank you for the education. I passed on my first exam try. Keep up the good works and educate more people!

92. Doug Rogers said:
Great online training. great for people like myself who are very busy. Thank you

93. Osvaldo Rivera said:
This course exceeded my expectations, to the point that I decided to buy a copy of the book on Amazon to keep it as reference.

94. Kalapapa Benjamin Dappa said:
The online management training and leadership skills course met my expectations. It has exposed and increased my knowledge on management skills and leadership styles. I'm looking forward to taking more of the online courses...

95. Darlington Patrick said: Thank you guys. For over 10 years now, I have taken and re-taken this course as I continue to grow in my leadership and management skill. I have built great companies with the skills learnt from here. God bless you all for the opportunity.

96. Sheila U said:
I really enjoyed this online class. It was nice to go at my own pace and re-visit the class sessions. I would recommend this to all managers and team leaders or anyone who is considering advancing in their current career. I'm excited to add this class to my resume.

97. Dorothy Sausville said:
Completely enjoyed taking this online class. Very informative.

98. Gary L. Holder said:
I think this course will prove to be very helpful in my quest to become a manager in the correctional field. I certainly would recommend this course to anyone trying to learn about business management!

99. Emissary G said:
Thanks for your arrangement and these courses. This course is very useful for our management skills.

100. Steven Grover said:
It was a good comprehensive certificate program to do online and reinforce my leadership and management skills. I highly recommend the program to others!

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