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Frequently Asked Questions

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Master Certificate of Competion in Business Management
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management CourseMaster Certificate in Business Management - Online Management CourseMaster Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Master Certificate in Business Management - Online Management Course
Q. Is this management training course really for free?
A.  Yes it is. There is a wealth of business management and leadership information in this Free Online Management and Leadership Course available to everyone at anytime and at no cost.
Q.  How do I enroll or register for the course?
A.  There is no enrollment or registration required. Just start at the Table of Contents and either click on the links or the Next Page button. It's that simple. To keep track of your progress you can simply keep track of each page number and/or bookmark the current page you are studying and add to your favorites.
Q. Are you internationally known and recognized?
A. Yes, millions of people throughout the world have taken the course. Many businesses and major corporations from many countries have participated and benefited from this course and have also received the optional Master Certificates of Completion.
Q. Are you accredited?
A. Master Class Management is not affiliated with any university. All lessons within the course are free bypassing all registration, enrollment, and accreditation costs.
Q.  How long does it take to complete the full course?
A.  The full 10 Lesson Course is self-paced and there is no time limit. It has been on average calculated at approx. 80 hours to complete the full course. You can start at anytime and can be studied from all countries.
Q.  Is there a hard copy book associated with this free online management training course? 
A.  Yes, you can buy it here from Amazon.com: Management Skills and Leadership Development-Hard Copy.
Q.  Can I get a certificate associated with this online management training course?
A.  Yes. If you elect, you can get a variety of Master Certificates of Completion sent to you by email in PDF format within 24 hours and/or the optional Hard Copy sent to your home or business address. Master Class Management uses the secure payment service PayPal as the payment processing service. PayPal also has the option to pay with your Credit or Debit card or by e-Check  Please visit  PayPal.com for more information.  * At this time there are no other forms of payment such as Western Union, etc. 
Q.  I passed the exam(s) and submitted my certification information but cannot pay at this time, can I purchase the certificate at a later date?
A.  Yes you can, records are kept on file for up to six months. Please go to the Contact Page once you are either ready to pay or have made the payment so the records can be updated. 
Q.  Do I only pay for the Certificate after finishing the course?
A. You can take the exam(s) and pay for the certificate(s) at anytime. You do not need to finish the course first.
Q.  I successfully passed the exam(s) and paid but have not received the PDF(s)?
A. The email may have been blocked by your email service provider or is in your spam/junk folder due to the PDF attachment(s). If you have not received the PDF(s) within 24 hours, please go to the Contact Page and if possible please provide an alternative email address (also, some private company/corporate emails may be blocked due to security purposes).
Q.  How do I know that ordering the Certificate and Certification Reference Letter online is secure?
A.  PayPal.com is used for all payments and no financial information is shared whatsoever. Please click here for more information about PayPal.com credit card protection to the buyer.
Q.  Will the Certificate have an individual identification number?
A.  Yes. The Certificate will contain a unique Certificate ID as well as the website QR Code.
Q.  Where are you located?
A.  The web hosted service is based in Burlington, MA 01803, USA.
Q. After I take and pass the certificate exam(s) the page closes after I hit the finish button.  Is it a connection or computer problem?
A.  There are some browsers and/or security settings that do not allow certain page transitions. It is recommended that you update your current IE browser, or download and use a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.
Q.  I cannot open or take the exams, why?
A.  If needed you can download a different browser like EdgeGoogle Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.
Q.  I cannot open and print the PDF Certificate of Completion that was emailed to me.  Do I need a program to view and print this?
A.  You can use the free  Adobe Reader to open and print the PDF. 
Q.  I sometimes get prompted to allow blocked content?
A.  Depending on your security settings you have set up on your computer, you may be prompted to allow blocked content.  Just click on the link to allow the content. Also make sure your internet properties security level is set to medium or medium high. Some course features will not work if  your security level is set to high.
Q.  It sometimes takes a long time for pages to load, why?
A.  This greatly depends on your internet connection speed. If you have a high speed cable modem you should have very little wait time (usually just a second or two, your wait time can vary as almost all pages have some sort of media and graphics to load). This course material is placed on a superior "best-in-class" server with virtually no downtime or congestion. Basically, this means that if the pages take time to load, it is highly likely that the problems is your internet connection or your computer itself.
***If you have not received the PDF(s) within 24 hours of payment, please check your email spam/junk folder. Sometimes emails get directed to this folder due to the PDF attachment(s).
Also, some private company/corporate emails may be blocked due to security purposes. If possible, please provide an alternative email when submitting your question.