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Shape the individual and build the team in 5 steps


By following these 5 steps, you will be on the right path to building a strong team.  You will get the most out of your staff and also develop a strong spirited department:


  1. Create and Develop a strong team with solid expectations
  2. Motivate Professionally and with respect
  3. Recognize and Praise great work
  4. Evaluate and Appraise employee performance
  5. Compensate and Reward a job well done



These 5 steps will be discussed in much greater detail throughout this lesson.  The goal is to build the best team possible so you, your staff, and the company succeeds.  To have your employees performing to the best of their abilities, they must know:


  • Exactly what is expected of them (Creating and Developing)
  • Exactly what it is they will be doing (Creating and Developing)
  • That they will be trained (Creating and Developing)
  • That they will have the right tools (Creating and Developing)
  • That teamwork is essential to success (Creating and Developing)
  • That high morale is key (Motivating Professionally)
  • That they will work in a great environment (Motivating Professionally)
  • That they will be continually challenged (Motivating Professionally)
  • That they will be noticed when they have done good work (Recognizing and Praising)
  • That there will be affirmation of good work (Recognizing and Praising)
  • That they will take full responsibility for their work (Evaluating and Appraising)
  • That their performance will be reviewed (Evaluating and Appraising)
  • That there will be rewards and gifts given for exceptional work (Compensating and Rewarding)
  • That there will be monetary incentives for a job well done (Compensating and Rewarding)
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