Lesson 1 Leadership Management Slideshow Presentation and Quick Lesson Summary

  • To be a great manager, you need to be a strong leader.  Management skills pertain to finding ways to achieve the goals that the leader inspired the team to obtain.


  • Leadership is about sharing a vision in which people will want to follow to reach the goal.


  • One of the key elements in effective leadership is to never become complacent with the business model, no matter how sound and well crafted.  Effective leadership demands a delicate balance between sensitivity and authority.  They are never 100% satisfied as there is always room for improvement. 


  • Five key points to strong leadership are when your employees:


o        Trust you and know that you are looking out for the good of all.

o        Share in your vision and want to achieve the same goals

o        Know that you will do your all to help them succeed

o        Are confident in your decisions

o        Know that you have everything under control and that the future looks bright.


  • Lead by example in every way.  The way you act, how you talk, the way you dress, your optimistic view, your positive approach, what you say about others, and how well you control yourself, all pertain to how you are viewed as a leader.


  • When in doubt, utilize key members of your staff to come up with the right solution.  Many times, listening more than talking will get you further and you will also be seen as a leader with quiet confidence.
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